What color represents you? :P

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Hi guys I was alway wandering my self what color was me an now I can find out thanks to my quiz yay I hope you like it cause I just worked hard on it but any way colors are key haha

Also I'm free to role play any time so if you want we can do that when ever I don't care haha well have fun with this cause I know I will haha thanks for taking this to

Created by: Marceline 101
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Ok les say your friend got in an car accident and was put in a comma but this friend was mean to you
  2. If you had to chose what would it be
  3. If you had to choose
  4. Would you rather
  5. Do you like party hats
  6. Time?
  7. Make up?
  8. Which power suites you better?
  9. Sport?
  10. Animal out of these
  11. Instrument out of these
  12. Song Artis
  13. Super hero or villain out of these
  14. Please rate and comment :) ( does not effect score!)

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