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OK ok , now I realize I haven't made the second one after looking through my quizzes so here it is now I really hope you enjoy this cause I put a lot work into this!

Your name is Niki sanders and your life is absolutely awful in your opinion but when you get shoved into a nerd's locker set up by your rival it took you to a strange but fimiliar word...

Created by: Marceline 101

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  1. Oh my glob! Haven't wrote ( typed) with this in a while but who gives a crap lol!) Remember your Nikki for what ever damn reason I wanted to call you that oh also your doing the falling from the sky chiz!
  2. You scream in fear since that plain damsel in distress thung ... any ways the ground expands and gets larger as you Fall! Its just tempting to kill your self right there and now but since you have nthinng on you as you're falling, except a pair of erasers and a piece of paper, you had no hope what so ever...
  3. As you fall you land in a tree then the branch brakes and you land on another branch, then that branch brakes, then that branch brakes, then you land in...come on you know this you would land in a guys lap! Right?
  4. WRONG!!!
  5. You fell strait splst on the ground! SIKE! Actually you fell into a girls lap.. she seemed maad SSO she shoved you off which caused you to again fall into a stream! "Watch were your going! Loser!" The girl storm med off it looked like your enemy's boy friends but his twin sister! Of course you swear you. Heat out in your head. But then someone's hand reaches out
  6. "Are. You OK?" He asked,'_____" you said taking the stranger's hand lifting you north up! It was. A boy that looked as though he could be YOUR twin but who fricking hot!
  7. The boy hears another female voice call this time its familiar a little too familiar... yet you couldn't figure out who or what was saying it. you poked your head over to your side but saw no one. The boy sighed,"I'll be there in a sec! I swear drama these days..." he said
  8. A girl slightly shorter then you with a witches hat and dress appeared," hey babe!" Your heart pounnded it was either the fact you adrenaline kicked up because you liked the guy a bit or the way the woman's glare gave you a strict warning
  9. The guy sighed as the girl walked away," so sorry she's over protective when she see's someone who could come between me and her...not that me and her are a thing... cause I mean shed be way below you o. The list of girls I'd like to date," he said with his face flushed. The girl came back and dragged him away," see yah we should meet some where sometime, next time we meet we will arrange something!" He said. You nod then it goes blank!-
  10. To be continued!

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