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  • Which Creepypasta Character Are You?
    Your Result: Sally 0%

    Her quote is, "Come Play With Me," and she is a little girl with long brown hair and blood running down her face. She wears a pink dress and always carries her stuffed bear, Charlie. She is more of the innocent little girl who doesn't realizes she's scary as Hell. You would be most like her as a Creepypasta.

    0% Jeff The Killer
    0% The Puppeteer
    0% Bloody Painter
    0% Slenderman
    0% Homicidal Liu
    0% Lazari
    0% Clockwork
    0% BEN Drowned
    0% Ticci-Toby
    Grea t Quiz 😊

  • It's funny how I took my own quiz and got Homicidal Lui, and literally everything else was 0.


  • What is Creepypasta anyways?

  • Slenderman 0_0


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