Which Creepypasta Character Are You?

Welcome to the quiz. What's a quiz, you ask? I don't know Google it. While you're at it Google Creepypasta. Why are you here if you don't know what that is? Go away!

This quiz determines who you would be like as a Creepypasta. I might as well explain it. Basically people who are mutilated in some way and kills in a way people remember. Most are insane. These aren't real (thank God too these fandoms are getting darker) but they're a good fad to get hyped in.

Created by: katqueen45

  1. How do you kill?
  2. What is your favorite favorite color?
  3. Crazy fan: How can I be a proxy? (What is your reaction as a Creepypasta?) If answer's not on here skip and go to next question
  4. (Last question continued)
  5. What would you rename yourself?
  6. What would your username be? (Skip and continue on next question if option isn't on here)
  7. (last question continued)
  8. Blood is everywhere. What is your reaction? (Skip and go to next question if answer's not here)
  9. (Last question continued)
  10. Who do you think you will you be? (Does not affect score)

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Quiz topic: Which Creepypasta Character am I?