Are you a true BVB fan?

So, you think you're a true Black Veil Brides fan eh? We'll see about that. Now take this quiz, if you dare. I bet 95% of you won't be able to pass it. AND NO USING GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!

Well Looks like you dared to take the quiz. But the questions are only getting harder as you go on. And if you've been using Google I will hunt you down and break whatever electronic you're using to do this quiz.

Created by: autumn
  1. What year did Black Veil Brides release their first album?
  2. What are all of Black Veil Brides albums? (must be in order)
  3. What is Andy's full name
  4. Who is Jinxx married to?
  5. Who is Jake engaged to?
  6. Who is Ashley dating?
  7. What is Ashley's full name?
  8. Who is Andy dating?
  9. What is Jinxx's full name?
  10. Who plays what in the band?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true BVB fan?