Do you know your warrior cats

There are many people in the world who think the know warriors but this the true test on it you must pass to get my aproovel okay don't guess or go on google

Are YOU up for the challenge or will back down from this test and quit if not take the teat and be honest no google or guesses this where it starts nw

Created by: CuteCat2
  1. Who wrote the books
  2. How many clans are there
  3. What are is the first book of the 4 series called
  4. Who is the first series based around
  5. Who is the second series based around
  6. Who is the third series about
  7. Who is the forth series about start with
  8. Who does Dovepaw like
  9. What is Lioblaze's power
  10. What is Jayfeather's power
  11. What is Firestar in the Book in to the Wild
  12. What does Jayfeather really want to be
  13. Who is the"bad guy" in the first series
  14. I have many more questions but I will not ask all sorry

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Quiz topic: Do I know my warrior cats