What should your Warrior cat name be?

Many people read warriors. Warriors is a wonderful book of cats living in large groups called clans. These cats train, hunt, fight, and help each other.

What should your warrior cat name be? Find out on this quiz! There is one name that really suits you, and four others I put in that you might like. What should your Warrior Cats name be? Find out here!

Created by: Elizabeth
  1. You are a kit that just got born. What are your fur colors?
  2. You and your littermates snuck off into the forest alone. All of the sudden, a fox jumps out of the bushes! What do you do?
  3. Finally! Its time for you an your littermates to become apprentices. But one of your littermates are lacking behind because he's blind, and won't be able to. What do you do?
  4. You're battle training and your mentor tells you to make up a move. What would you most likely choose?
  5. Oh no!! Theres a huge flood in camp! You need to do something to help your clanmates! What do you do?!?!
  6. Your becoming a warrior! Your blind littermate and your littermate that stayed behind with him caught up, and so now they all can become warriors together! But, oh no! An elder just died and the clan needs to burry her. Would you rather helpthem or become a warrior?
  7. (name) "________, Help!!!" Was that Dustfang? Oh no! He's about to fall off the edge of the cliff! What can i do to help?
  8. ( she-cat question) Your having kits! What will you name them?
  9. Fire! What do you do?
  10. Did you like my quiz? It's my first!

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Quiz topic: What should Ir Warrior cat name be?