The Extremely Dumb Test

Well. I wanted to make a quiz. This is completely random and easy. It has kind of a pattern, too. If you don't make a 100%, I'll be surprised. Well, you might make a mistake..

..So I guess I won't be surprised no matter what you make. I WILL be surprised you have the patience to finish this dumb test, though. You either must be my friend, a stalker, or you just wanna take something random.

Created by: katqueen45

  1. 2+2=
  2. 4+4=
  3. 8+8=
  4. 2-2=
  5. 4-4=
  6. 8-8=
  7. 2÷2=
  8. 4÷4=
  9. 8÷8=
  10. 2×2=
  11. 4×4=
  12. 8×8=

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