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Hey, I'm Melonie! This quiz is really just random! It's more just to level up, so I can STAY leveled-up to novice.. You get it, right? I hope so.. Yeah.. So... hm... I just need to feel this in. Sooooooo.. hm... lollolloloololo. I'm horfible.. -_-

I'm caught up in your expectations. You try to make me live your dream. But I'm causing you so much frustration. And you only want the best for me. HAVE TO FILL THIS IN. Sorry, all caps., Hehehehehe.. yeah...

Created by: BooBear83

  1. Hey. :D
  2. I love you
  3. Australian accents are hot.. *scoff*Flynn*scoff
  4. So...
  5. Would you kiss me? ..
  6. Last question was.. random.. Hehe..
  7. Hm..
  8. I feel like an idiot.. ////-////
  9. *Awkward smile*
  10. Uh.. Bye..

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