life of a teenage vampire part 10

This is part ten. It is special because it is the start of double digits! I made this one long and you'll absolutely love it! Jonathan is not in the results on this one.

I didn't put picture results on this one either. My phone is broke and I'm using my mom phone and I don't feel like searching for the pictures. I worked extra hard on this one though so enjoy.

Created by: katqueen45
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  1. You and David stopped and looked into each others eyes. You had a dreamy look on your face while he looked worried. "What's wrong?" You asked. "Oh no i-" David started, but then he fell down. He was panting heavily and sweating. You felt his forehead, "you're hot." You said. "Because of the-" he tried to start again, but then this time he dissolved. "Wha! Umm.. David!!?" You said. His body turned into yellow dust and he simply wasn't there.
  2. David's P.O.V. Oh no, David thought to himself. He kissed her. He couldn't help it, her eyes glowed like the sunrise on a Autumn's day and her face was more beautiful than a light summer's rose. Yet, he put him and her in danger by doing it. The curse. A few centuries ago, a beautiful lady came by david's door, she was the meanest but everyone loved her for her beauty. One day David told her while looking in her in the eye, "beauty is something on the inside, and your inside is uglier than any REGULAR old ugly person." She turned out to be a witch and she cursed him that he would never fall in love, and if he did, he would suffer punishment for a decade before his death so it could be slow and painful. Dissolving already was painful. He could hear Monica before he dissolved. He wanted to hear that voice one last time.
  3. Monica's P.O.V. You were in shock when the others found you. You thought in shock meant just being super surprised or scared, but you were full down shaking and shivering with your teeth chattering when you tried to talk. You were laying on the grounds. "What's up with you?" Carter had asked. Kevin and Rodger looked at you. "Where's david?" They both said. "Davi.... h... dis.. he... " you could barely talk and tears were running down your face.
  4. They helped you stand up, only for you to faint. Dream~ David was there, in front of you. He was being whipped by some demons and ghosts. A beautiful girl sat there, laughing. David was wide awake, tears running down his face. You ran yo him. You kissed his cheek, "everything will be alright." You whispered in his ear, only to get a whimper from another whip. "R.." David tried to say, but he was obviously in pain to much to talk. He managed to make out, "..r-run.." he had said. Instead you stood up. A demon was about to make another whip on him and you...
  5. (This is still a dream.) You ran behind him and the whip lashed right on your face. Everyone made surprised looks and you fell down, David looked scared to death mixed with worry and guilt. Everything went black. Real life~ You woke up with an ache on your face. You felt it and that made it sting worse. Blood was running down your face. It was a whipping cut. It wasn't a dream... you thought. At least, not fully..
  6. You let a very loud whimper from the pain, it was gushing out blood. Your eyesight got really blurry from the blood loss, but you realized the surroundings around you. You were in a hospital bed. You tried to scream, but only made out a voice less than a whisper, "..h-help..." you said.
  7. No help came. The pain was bad, but it wasn't enough for you to faint so you couldn't feel anything. You stayed awake and felt every waking moment of the pain. You managed to stand up. You slipped on your own blood and you lay there. You pulled a scalpel off of a table and you started cutting yourself. You wrote words like USELESS and UNWANTED on both arms.
  8. Light appeared. You thought you were going to just die and go to the light, but an angel came. You thought for a second that you were going crazy but the Angel held out his hand. It closely resembled David. You held his hand. He pulled you out with stupendous strength and he held on to you in a hug. You felt your pain wash away immediately. You held on to him. He looked at you with sparkling eyes and you once again kissed him.
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