my shouts out quiz two!

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Welcome user! I made a shout out quiz, my second shout out quiz actually! I hope you're on here, if not then... I probably forgot your username. Read the second paragraph now!

I hope you like it, and if I forgot you don't be mean about it! I forgot so look many people! The picture is a picture of an opal, part of a role play I'm doing. This quiz is sincere because these are my TRUE friends!

Created by: katqueen45

  1. Welcome, random gotoquizer!
  2. I will list the shout outs from 8 to 1. 8 being my least-liked, but still a friend!
  3. Eight goes to... Dark22978!
  4. Seven goes to... Puppet master12!
  5. Six goes to... Beverlyreagan!
  6. Five goes to... Care bear!
  7. Four goes to... _shadow_!
  8. Three goes to... Silent_Night!
  9. Two goes to... Olive girl!
  10. One goes to... RYLEIGH!(I mean marceline 101)
  11. I would also like to put some other friends I forgot! Paigequizzy, d_h, therealminime, the chicken, cherrywhisker, and soooo many others that I forgot because I can't remember their username!
  12. The prize for the first shout out is still undecided. This shout out is special because I never saw forums in the first shout out and I made real friends in forums! Thank you and goodnight (or whatever time of day it is!)

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