Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 7)

Part 7 is here! Sorry, it took a bit longer than usual. I made the last one and then completely forgot about it. I think I'm back on track now, though, so no need to worry.

This is Part Seven of my quiz series, so if you haven't already taken ALL of the other ones, go do that now. Just click on my name below this paragraph and you'll find them.

Created by: QueenGlory

  1. Now, I've cycled through all 6 character pov's, so it's back to Amber!
  2. "What do we do now?" cries Wildfire. Lily rolls her eyes, but says nothing. Cay sighs, and Citrine growls in frustration, looking around. You look ahead and see what they're all shouting about. The ice crystal patches end at Citrine's feet, but scorch marks are all over the sides of the canyon. You point to them and say:
  3. River glances at the scorch marks and Lily nods in agreement. "Frost couldn't have made those marks," counters Citrine. "Phoenix could. Maybe we'll find her this way." Wildfire points out. Citrine considers this. River sighs. " Well, sitting here arguing about it isn't going to make either of them appear. Let's do something actually productive for once. I say we follow the scorch marks." Wildfire and Cay agree. Citrine sighs. "Besides," adds Lily, "I still think Frost and Phoenix's disappearances are connected somehow. We might find both of them at the end of this." Citrine still looks skeptical, but looks up at the scorch marks again. "Okay," she sighs. "I hop you're right about this."
  4. You all start following the scorch marks. Soon the canyon splits into two separate pathways. The scorch marks continue down one path, but Citrine stops in the middle of the fork. "Citrine?" River asks. "Are you coming?" Citrine doesn't answer, instead looking at the other path. "We should go that way." she says. "The scorch marks go down this path!" Cay protests. "Citrine, we have to go this way!" Citrine shakes her head and points down at something by her feet. You go closer for a better look, and see that it's a patch of ice. Citrine points down the other canyon again, and when you squint, you can see a little sparkle a few feet in. "Frost went this way." Wildfire shakes his head. "No, we have to go this way! Phoenix must have gone down here." "You don't know that! Maybe it's just another Skywing. We are in Skywing territory, you know. This ice patch could only have been made by Frost, and it leads this way, so this is the way I'm going." Citrine argues stubbornly. "Guys." Lily offers, but no one hears her. "Look at this!" Wildfire shouts. "This scorch mark is in the shape of a talon print. It HAD to be Phoenix!" "Phoenix is a firescales! She can take care of herself."
  5. "We need to go after Frost." she argues. "Guys!" Lily offers again. They ignore her. She shoots you a "What can I do?" glance. "I'm going this way. Do what you want, but I'm going to find my sister." Citrine snaps, then starts off down the tunnel with the ice patches. "EVERYONE SHUT UP!" River thunders. Citrine stops and turns around. Wildfire snaps his jaw shut. Everyone looks at River. "What are you talking about, Lily?" Lily looks at her gratefully. "You're both right. Frost went that way, and Wildfire went this way. We should split up. I'll go with Wildfire." River nods. "Me too. When we find Phoenix and Frost, we meet back here. Okay?" Everyone looks at their talons and mumbles various forms of agreement. "Good." "I'll go with Citrine!" Cay chimes in. Citrine nods. You decide to go with:
  6. Okay, from now on in the quizzes, you ONLY do the questions that correspond with who you chose to find. So, if you chose to go with Citrine and Cay to find Frost, only do the questions that say FROST at the beginning. Skip the ones that say PHOENIX. Ok?
  7. FROST: You run after Citrine and Cay as they start down the second path, casting a regretful look at Lily, River and Wildfire. Lily waves at you and you wave back. "Good luck," she calls, then goes down the other path after River and Wildfire. You sigh. "Okay," Citrine says, " we need to come up with a plan for finding Frost." "We don't need a plan, just follow the ice thingies!" Cay replies. "Well, sure, but then we'll get to her and probably we'll just get attacked by whoever took Frost. We've got to be ready to fight if we have to." You say:
  8. PHOENIX: Lily smiles at you. "I'm glad you're coming with us." She twines her tail with yours, then realizes what she's doing and pulls away, embarrassed. River gives you an amused glance. "Come on. Standing there making eyes at each other won't find Phoenix, now will it?" she teases. Lily flushes, a wave of crimson rolling through her wings before reverting back to her usual black color. "Let's go," Wildfire presses. "What if Phoenix is in trouble?" You say:
  9. FROST: You keep following the ice crystals when you hear a shriek up ahead. "That sounds bad!" Cay gasps. "We should help." Citrine nods in agreement, then tips her head. "It doesn't sound like Frost. Maybe it's someone from the other group. Lily, or Wildfire." "Or River!" Cay adds. "No, not River. If it was River, she wouldn't have screamed." "Well, we should still help." Cay decides. You:
  10. PHOENIX: You keep following the scorch marks when you hear a shriek up ahead. "That sounds like Phoenix," gasps Wildfire. "Hurry up!" Lily stops. "Wait! Wildfire, wait. It's not Phoenix." Wildfire turns around. "What do you mean? I know my sister. That's her." Lily shakes her head. "It can't be. Listen." The scream sounds again, then is cut short. "It sounds like someone who's either on fire or getting hit by frostbreath. Phoenix isn't affected by either of those. I think it's the dragon who kidnapped them, and they're fighting back." River pushes forward. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go help." Wildfire agrees, and so does Lily. You:
  11. FROST: You round the corner to see two dragons locked in combat. One of them is a Mudwing. The other one looks like a small Skywing, with coloring that looks like... "Phoenix?" Citrine asks in disbelief. In response, the little dragon growls and shoots a jet of fire at the Mudwing, who blocks it with his wing and doesn't let out so much as a yelp. "This sludge-head's trying to kill me!" she shouts. Citrine frowns at them. "He's immune to fire." "Yeah, thanks for the update." Phoenix snaps. "Are you gonna help me or not?" Suddenly, Cay hisses and rears up on her hind legs. You realize she's about to use her venom on the Mudwing. You:
  12. PHOENIX: As you get closer, you start seeing ice patches everywhere. Wildfire groans and melts one of the ice patches in frustration. "We're going the wrong way!" Suddenly a strange Skywing dragon stumbles out of the canyon in front of you. "Watch out!" he yells at Wildfire, then sees you, River, and Lily behind him and recoils. "What are you doing here? You're not Skywings." He opens his mouth to breathe fire at you, but before he can, something hits him in the side and he falls to the ground, screaming in pain. You look closer and see that ice is spreading over his body. "Frost!" Lily says, and you glance up. The bad-tempered Icewing steps out into your view. "Took you guys long enough," she grumbles. "Not that I needed your help anyway." "Where's Phoenix?" Wildfire asks her. She shrugs. You:
  13. FROST: Citrine stops Cay before you can do anything and kicks the Mudwing in the face. He stumbles back and Phoenix whacks him over the head, knocking him out. "What do we do with him now?" she asks. Citrine considers him, then kicks him again and says, "I wish River was here. She's good at interrogating. Do you know where Frost is?" The last part was directed at Phoenix, who shrugs. "They took me while Wildfire and I were asleep. She was with them already, and we got split up." You say:
  14. Stay on the lookout for Part 8!

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