How well do YOU know my site?

How well do you know my site? Take this quiz to find out! Who knows, maybe you can be the next DangerStudmuffins; fan! So take this quiz, and definately know if you know my site well enough, or if you dont know anything at all!

Are YOU a dangerstudmuffins; fan? Prove it by taking this wonderful, fantastilistic quiz! This is a pretty amazing, quiz, so take it anyway, even if you have to guess :D Kay? Thanks! Bye!

Created by: Kayleen

  1. What was the FIRST name of my site?
  2. When did I create the site?
  3. Which brother is my fanfic 'Just Friends' about?
  4. What are my rules for s4s?
  5. Who is my favorite Jonas?
  6. Who was my FIRST default of?
  7. Do I ALWAYS help people?
  8. Whats my favorite thing about the site?
  9. What do I hate most?
  10. Am I mean?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my site?