how well do you know chatzworld

Well Chatzworld is getting bigger and better everyday!!!! we have grown so much in the last few months and that is mostly because of our members. We are all very close but how much do you really know? Lets see how much you know about the site and its members!!!Take the quick test and find out if you know as mcuh as you think you do about chatzworld

Chatzworld is a great site as anyone who has signed up knows but how well do you really know the site and its members?take the quick test and find out if you really spend enough time on chatzworld or if you maybe should take the time to check out all the different things that the site has to offer!!! don't worry if you fail the first time just come back and take the test again!No one will tell on you!!!

Created by: Jenn

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  1. Where is rossy from?
  2. who is tweetybird dating?
  3. How many childern do Madmom have?
  4. who was chatz member of the month for july
  5. Where is KK from
  6. what colour are the user name of forum hosts
  7. who's blog features a dog on a tread mill in one of his/her entries
  8. who is in the second place highscore spot in the arcade
  9. who one the first poem competition?
  10. in the chat room what colour does mandi type in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know chatzworld