what do you know about Kid vs Kat

There many people watch Kid vs Kat but its nothing can you win this test or you lose it kid vs kat are Favorite TV cartoon show its talking about a Kid must defend his planet from alien invasion win this quiz now. and win a milion dollar ha just kiding

Are you a big fans of nickleodeon cartoon show huh or bigger fans or bigger bigger bigger fans of kid Vs Kat season 2 huh and please take this quiz now plz rate the quiz

Created by: Midelio burtonburger carmo
  1. What the name of Main characthers
  2. Who is the real Kat?
  3. who is Dennis?
  4. Who is Millie and Burt?
  5. Where do there live ?
  6. Who is mrs.Manson? (you know righ That old lady)
  7. Who is Fiona,Phoebe and other caracthers?
  8. Where do Kid vs Kat Tv chanell?
  9. Who is Kat?
  10. Why do Kat hate Coop?
  11. In a episode Coop have a pet and what kind of that pet?
  12. In episodes Ice scream who is coop enemies?
  13. This is the last question: Are you a big fans of kid vs kat

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Kid vs Kat