How well do you know Ben10 (2005)

Have you ever heard of the show Ben10. Spoiler alert its amazingly awesome. It's about a kid who finds an alien device and fights evil. AKA my favorite TV show of all time.

How much do you know about the show? Take this quiz and see for yourself. If you have never even heard of the show, well then good luck and if its a bad score,you should watch more of this score.

Created by: Kyana Vigil

  1. What is the omnitrix?
  2. How did Ben get the omnitrix?
  3. How would you describe Ben?
  4. How many aliens does the omnitrix have when Ben first gets it?
  5. What is the first alien Ben turns into?
  6. What is the omnitrix's original color?
  7. What color is the omnitrix when it is recharging?
  8. Which arm is the omnitrix on?
  9. Did vilgax ever get the omnitrix?
  10. Who created the omnitrix?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ben10 (2005)