How much do you know about 'Friends?

This is a quiz i made up myself about all the series of friends. Please leave all your results in the shoutbox so i can see how evry1 is doing! I will probably make a new test after a couple of months so keep checking my site.

After you have taken the test sign my shoutbox! And don't forget to take the quiz again to improve your mark if it isn't that good enough. Good Luck And visit the rest of my site!

Created by: Em of xfriends-fanx
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  1. Who's famous catchphrase is 'OH MY GOD!'? Hint: She dated Chandler
  2. What is Joey's Chat up line?
  3. How many series did friends have?
  4. How many times was Ross divorced?
  5. Where did Ross and Rachael get married?
  6. Who had triplets for her brother and his wife?
  7. What were Joey and Chandlers pets?
  8. Who did rachael dump on her 30th Birthday?
  9. Which 2 friends kept their relationship secret for a while after getting together in London?
  10. What is the name of the bar where Chandlers dad works?
  11. What is the name of Rachael and Ross' daughter?
  12. In series 1 which Italian man does Rachael date?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about 'Friends?