how well do you know FRIENDS?

Friends was the best program ever!!! I hope you have been paying attention. TAKE THE TEST! If you watch friends, lets see how much you know, take the quiz!!!!

How well do you know FRIENDS? Take the test because it jsut take a few minutes, take the test! TAKE IT TAKE IT! i have to keep typing to fill in the blank space,,,,blablabla.

Created by: flower

  1. Who has two copies of the 'annie' soundtrack?
  2. which batch of Monicas cookies nearly makes ross throw up?
  3. What is Rachels middle name?
  4. What did monica and ross's grandma always steal from their house?
  5. Who does Joey want to have another nap with?
  6. What symbol does Pheobe see in Monicas tea leaves?
  7. What coins does Pheobe find under a cushion in the coffee house before she found a police badge?
  8. Which of these friends gets married first?
  9. Which of the friends get bullied?
  10. What do Ross, Joey, Monica, and Chandler play for almost 2 days?
  11. What is Rachels boss Joanna's favourite bagel?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know FRIENDS?