How much do you know your friends?

Many people claim to "care about there friends". Friends just need a helping hand to guide them. A good friend can sense if there friend is having a problem.

Do YOU care about you're friends? Can you sense if youre friend has an eating disorder or is depressed? Of course YOU would no your friends right? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Sara

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  1. You and your friend are at a party; after about ten minutes, your friend leaves the party looking depressed. You...
  2. You and your friend are having a great conversation on the phone when your phone cuts off on them. You...
  3. Your friend comes to school with bruises on his/her arms, everyday the bruises get worse. You have a feeling they are having home problems. You..
  4. You and your friends just got new part time jobs at a clothing store, you notice the boss has taken a particular liking to your female friend. You..
  5. Your class have just gotten there report card your report card is pretty good; but your friend has gotten pretty bad marks. You..
  6. Your friend complains about her weight daily, you also notice her breath reaking of vomit. You figure she has an eating disorder. You..
  7. You have a snack. Your friend is staring intently at it. You...
  8. Its raining very hard outside. You have a sweater but your friend is wearing a T-shirt and you an extra jacket. You...
  9. how many friends do you have?
  10. Do you enjoy being with people?
  11. Do you hope you'll score well?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know my friends?