My quiz is about a TV Show called Friends. It is about six friends. My quiz has 12 questions. You will enjoy taking my quiz, because it will test your Friends IQ.

So, now you can find out!!! Take this great quiz, and you can really see how well you know Friends. Just choose an answer, and voila!! Your results will be 100% accurate. Good luck!

Created by: izzy
  1. Let's start out easy. Who are the six main characters?
  2. Ok. Where does Chandler tell Janis he is going to break up with her?
  3. At one point, at least five people have lived in...
  4. Rachel and Pheobe's apartment being lit on fire was ? 's fault because she left the ? on.
  5. True or False: Everyone gets married by the end
  6. True or False: At one point, Ross and Rachel date two people who are closely related.
  7. True or False: Monica and Rachel kiss.
  8. Joey saves Ross in the police guy's car by jumping over him because...
  9. Rachel has ? Sisters
  10. In Mac and C.H.E.S.E., cheese is a...

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