The Genie: What is Your Colour?

The Genie says: The point of this quiz is to find out which colour you are most closely related to. You will find this out but answering the questions and pressing/clicking the correct boxes for your answer.

So go ahead. Try the quiz and you'll soon find out which colour you are most closely related to! Take the quiz and find your results. The results may be unexpected... Good luck and enjoy!

Created by: The Genie

  1. A beggar in the street comes up to you to ask for money. You have £50 in your pocket, how much do you give?
  2. Your Mum has spent ages making the dinner. However, she makes your worst favourite food! What do you do?
  3. You go round to a shop with your friends. They start daring each other to steal sweets from the shop but you don't want to. They start putting pressure on you, what do you do?
  4. There is a new person in your village. They are clever but shy. Some of your friends start to bully this person. What do you do?
  5. In a club, you have to make teams with a leader, a planner, an ordinary member, a scribe (person who writes stuff down), a listener and a challenger. Which role do you pick to be?
  6. You and your friends start a new club. What do you make the club about?
  7. You see a small person all alone in your club. What do you say to them?
  8. Some people start to bully you. Who do you tell?
  9. For your options, you have to pick 3 subjects. Which do you pick, from the options shown below?
  10. BONUS QUESTION: The Genie comes up to you, disguised as an old woman. The Genie talks to you, but you have no clue who it is. What do you say?

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