How much do you love your friends

Friends are very important to any persons life. WE all know there are many different levels of friendship. I know you don't walk up to random people and automatically and tell them I love you. Well take this and find out the real answer.

DO you Love your friends? You can probably point out tons of friends that you have, but do you really Really love them? This will tell you if you do! Just give it a try! I'm sure it will be fun and I worked hard!

Created by: Jeff
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  1. What grade did you meet the most of your friends
  2. Your friend is going through some major family problems. You have been too. They don't know that..What will you do? You know its a touchy subject
  3. Would you keep in contact w/ someone if they moved away?
  4. You friend says love ya! How do you take it?
  5. Your friend calls you saying they are moving tomorrow. Your response?
  6. Final question: Your friend says on an Aim convo that no matter what we will be friends for forever...You are the best thing that ever happened to me... Your response?
  7. Sorry, Final q: You like this quiz?
  8. Whats the meaning of friendship?
  10. Will you die for a friend?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love my friends