Which Reservoir Dog Are You?

If you love the movie Reservoir Dogs, then your going to love this quiz. There is always a leader of some kind, in your circle of friends. You also got the crazy one, funny one, and the one that talks to much, in your circle of friends.

This quiz will show you where you stand in your circle of your friends, reservoir dog style. See which Reservoir Dog you are. If you love the movie, then your going to love the quiz.

Created by: kyle stachowiak
  1. Do people look up to you?
  2. Do you do what ever you want to do?
  3. Do you like the color pink?
  4. Do you care what other people think about you?
  5. Do you tip?
  6. Do you like to watch movies where people die a lot?
  7. Do you think about killing people?
  8. Do you like to wear sunglasses?
  9. Do you like to dress nice?
  10. Do you like your parents?
  11. Did you grow up poor?
  12. Can you trust your friends?
  13. Can your friends trust you?
  14. Do people call you crazy? And I'm talking about the (sick in the head) kind of crazy.
  15. What's your favorite color?

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Quiz topic: Which Reservoir Dog am I?