Do you know me?

This quiz is for the benefit of my dear friends. They are having fun seeing how well they know others in our circle of friends and I'm joining the fun.

Take a moment and give the quiz a go, you'll be surprised how much you know. This quiz should be simple for those who know me well and a challenge for those who don't.

Created by: Carolita

  1. How many states has Carolita lived in?
  2. What does Carolita's family eat for breakfast 365 days a year?
  3. Where was Carolita born?
  4. Which job did Carolita enjoy the most?
  5. How does Carolita refer to her husband?
  6. Where is Carolita's husband from?
  7. Which of Carolita's children is a book worm?
  8. Which instrument has Carolita been playing in the English service for the past 2 months?
  9. How much weight has Carolita lost total through week 6 of this BL round?
  10. What does Carolita's husband do for a living?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?