How Much Do You Know About Beyblades?

There Are Many People Out There Who Either Love, Or Hate Beyblades. What Do YOU Think Of It? Are You A Beyblade Fanatic? Or Are You A Beyblade Hater. We Shall Soon Find Out, My Dear Friends.

Do YOU Know A Lot About Beyblades? Possibly. I Know I Do, Because My Little Brother Got Me Into It. You Got To LOVE Little Brother. *Laughs* So, Onto The The Quiz, My Friends.

Created by: WolfLove
  1. #1: In Season 1, Episode 1, Who Does Ginka Help?
  2. In Season 1, Episode 1, Where Did Kente Place In The Beyblade Tournament?
  3. What Description Fits Madoka Best?
  4. Who Was First In Command After Ryuga Fell Into A Coma?
  5. Who Founded The Face Hunters?
  6. Who Is Gingka's Trustworthy Beyblade?(EASY)
  7. What beyblade Does Gingka CURRENTLY Posses?
  8. Who Turned Out To Be "Phoenix"?
  9. What Description Best Fits Tsubasa Otori?
  10. What Does Gingka Say Really Matters In A Beyblade Match?
  11. Thank You For Taking This

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Beyblades?