Do you know beyblades?

They awesome world of beyblades. It is a big world. Some people know alot about it. Some people lie about knowing it. Some people have never even heard of it. IT IS THE WORLD OF AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!

Do you think you know all that about beyblades. Now is the time to find out! These are simple questions. If you cant handle it dont spin again! Now please dont cheat when taking this quiz!

Created by: Zach Carey
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  1. Is Gaia Dragoon an evolution to Dragoon?
  2. How many legendary bit beasts are there?
  3. How many Wolborg blades are there?
  4. Do you even know what I mean by "Blade" ?
  5. Which character is American?
  6. What is the American name for the new seris coming Fall 2010?
  7. How many types of blades are there?
  8. BATTLE CHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. What is the most important part of the blade?
  10. Do you even like beyblade?

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Quiz topic: Do I know beyblades?