What one of my friends are you?

Right here is my quiz where you can find out which of my friends you are. I hope you enjoy and i hope the result matches your personality. I hope you love it!

Which of my friends ARE YOU? Have fun taking the quiz and now i am just wobbling on cause i really cannot be bothered and the bell is about to go. Have fun! Love you lots x

Created by: Bryony Phelps

  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. Favourite song out of the following:
  3. Word best to represent you:
  4. Word best to represent you:
  5. You are at a house party and are offered a drink by somebody you dont know. Would you take it?
  6. Would you ever go bungy-jumping?
  7. Would you ever smoke?
  8. Would you ever eat bugs?
  9. Would you ever record your own album?
  10. Would you ever make out with someone the same gender as you?

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Quiz topic: What one of my friends am I?