How Well Do You Know Wake To Die?

Wake To Die has more than 300 Members but how many of them really know the site? Do you know as much as the graveyard goddess herself does? Why dont you find out?

Are you a WTD fanatic...or do you need to get more familiar with the site? Lets find out...its time to see how well you know the site, members and facts.

Created by: The Graveyard Goddess

  1. Wake To Die was made when?
  2. The First 3 Members Of WTD were who?
  3. Wake To Die was originally called what?
  4. Wake To Die has about how many members?
  5. Wake To Die's Slogan is
  6. Wake To Die is also known as what?
  7. Wake To Die has members from which of following countries?
  8. You Can Not Be Under What Age To Join WTD?
  9. Wake To Die is THE ABSOLUTE BEST
  10. Wake To Die is a

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Wake To Die?