What type of god/goddess are u???????

well well....you could be a god or goddes,and thisbwill tell you what type of god or goddess you are.take it and seee it is cool and fun!!!!cmon its fun and quick andbeasy!!!

are you a love god/goddess,a death god/goddes??a fire/air god/goddess??a water/earth god/goddess??? find out now!!!take my coolnessest test i made up a word then,huh???? oh well, take the test plz

Created by: karentwoey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what colour????i know,cliche!!!
  2. what animal/s
  3. you would wear???
  4. type of music???
  5. what car??
  6. what flavour icecream??
  7. what sweets???
  8. what type of pants??
  9. what hair style??
  10. random question-do you like reading??
  11. good quiz?

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