How Much Do You KNow GSB?

Now now GSB-ians of the world. I would like to introduce to you this little quiz I made to determine your obsessiveness and or love for the wonderful site we all know as Geek Stink Breath.Net.

How well do you know this site you ask? Well this is why you are here isn't it? If it isn't, get out. Seriously, if you don't know much about GSB, you are not going to pass. Fer Serious.

Created by: Mindy

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  1. Which is not a section on the messageboards?
  2. Where's Whatsername?
  3. Which is not a special feature for profiles?
  4. How many games were there on old GSB?
  5. How many awards are there?
  6. Are you so overly obsessed with GSB that you know all these questions by heart?
  7. What code is used to post things? *waaay too easy*
  8. What's the coolest section on GSB?
  9. Who is the GSB god?
  10. Did you find these questions difficult?
  11. What are the other three well known Dujo-created sites?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I KNow GSB?