Do you Smell bad?

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Some people really stink up the place. Are you one of those people. For years people may have insulted you with "You Stink!" Maybe they were on to something.

So today, if you answer ALL of these questions honestly we can find out if you truly stink or if you are as clean as a whistle. So Enjoy take a deep breath and hope you don't faint from the smell.

Created by: TheUltimate1111

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  1. How Often do you shower?
  2. Do your Feet smell Bad?
  3. Do you have smelly armpits?
  4. How Often do you Brush Your Teeth
  5. Do you Wear Deodorant
  6. Do you care if you Stink?
  7. Is your room messy?
  8. Do you fart often?
  9. Do you sweat alot?
  10. If you had to the option to have the ability to stink up a room on command would you take it?

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Quiz topic: Do I Smell bad?