Breath Holding Abilities of You

Hey. Do you want to find out how long you can hold your breath? You know, the Rule of a number, for holding breath, being in a desert, going without water, and going without nourishment, also going without friends?

Now, can YOU hold your breath for a long time? Do you have Jesus's lungs to go thirty minutes without a breath? Now you can confirm it here. Here's your chance.

Created by: Chris
  1. Time yourself how long can you hold your breath before the pressure of your lungs starts increasing.
  2. Have you hyperventilated?
  3. If you had a 500 ml bottle, how much can you draw the liquid to your mouth but not drinking it?
  4. Hold your breath as long as you can. How long is it?
  5. What is your beats per minute?
  6. How big are your lungs?
  7. Hold your breath for five minutes. What do you feel.
  8. Close your mouth and hold your breath. At what time intense pressure starts?
  9. In the vacuum of space, how long can u survive without a spacesuit?
  10. After holding your breath, how many deep breath did you do?

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