What Is your mermaid name?

It is night and an inky blue sky dotted with milky stars hangs over the ocean, a half-moon suspended over your head. You feel the cold smooth rock under your scales. You take a small breath and dive gracefully back into the water. Your gills need water. You are a sea creature, but you will always have a special tie to the land. You look back up at the light, cutting a wavering beam through the water. You smile and then turn and disappear into the depths.

If you were a mermaid, what would your name be? Isn't that a question that we ask ourselves every single day of our lives? ...No? So it's just me?... anyway, I hope you enjoy my quiz!

Created by: Pearl

  1. Which celestial body do you feel the strongest connection with?
  2. What color tail would you have?
  3. What would be your favorite place?
  4. What is your birthstone?
  5. If you saw a shark swimming towards you, what would you do?
  6. How would you describe yourself?
  7. What is your hair color?
  8. What color are your eyes?
  9. What would you wear if you were a mermaid?
  10. Which one describes you best?

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Quiz topic: What Is my mermaid name?