Are you supposed to be a Mermaid?

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Many of us would love to be a Mermaid and for a few all they need is a little Moon Pool magic. This quiz is different because we ask the hard hitting questions

The Sea is a powerful goddess with the capacity of being able to be so calm you can see your self in its reflection or so angry it completely shipwrecks towns.

Created by: Serena

  1. This question is really important! Do you actually want to be a Mermaid?
  2. Mermaids are known and loved for their Singing the question is can you sing and how well?
  3. I know not everyone has seen the show (It’s ok if you haven’t) Do you know the Mako Mermaids Siren song
  4. What does water mean to you?
  5. Would you be willing to leave the land, Join a pod and never come back
  6. Is being a Mermaid for you just about the powers?
  7. Does the full moon make you feel dizzy
  8. Are you constantly having dry skin?
  9. Does the full moon call you
  10. Would you give up your devices? In exchange for becoming part of the pod.
  11. Does your legs change color when you touch water?
  12. Are you a good swimmer
  13. Moon Ring or Trident
  14. Do you like to drink water?
  15. What does the word Pod mean to you?

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Quiz topic: Am I supposed to be a Mermaid?