Mako Mermaid Adventure - Prologue

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Me and my little sister are always playing or pretending something. One day, after we watched Mako Mermaids, we went outside and swam in our blow up pool.

We were pretending we were mermaids, and I loved it so much, that I decided that I would make it into a story. So, I hope you enjoy this, have a nice day!

Created by: Houndlover

  1. Tsunami swam up to the surface and looked at her island Mako. She had a far away look in her eyes. But she had to do this. It was her destiny, her life, her everything.
  2. She dove back under water and swam towards the land of Australia. This wasn't her first mission.
  3. She remembered when she was a year younger, and Queen Seabed had promoted her to best female warrior in the kingdom. Because of this, she was given special powers that controlled the sea, weather, and more. Only the female and male best warriors in the sea, were given these powers. Not even the King and Queen had them.
  4. It was a secret that only her, the royal family, and the best merman Kelp, knew about.
  5. Queen Seabed told her that she must go to Australia to hunt down mermaids that don't know what they are, and their powers haven't yet been activated.
  6. Now Queen Seabed sent her on another mission, to find an undercover rogue mermaid. Her powers were activated already, but she ran away from the first mermaid. Queen Seabed thought that Tsunami could find her.
  7. Tsunami used her vision power. It showed a girl of 16 jumping into the ocean. She wore dark blue jeans, and a purple tank top that stoped a her stomach. She had dirty blonde hair that ended just below her shoulders. It was from a distance so she could only see few details. Right before the vision ended, she heard someone shout "Chloe!"
  8. Chloe. That must be her land person name. But what's her mermaid name? It doesn't matter. Now she had her land person name, so she can ask a few land peo- wait. She had tracking powers. Oh yah. Ha ha. She laughed out loud. A few mermen and mermaids turned to stare at her.
  9. Tsunami sees them staring and quickly uses her super speed to get to the shore of Australia. When she gets there, she pulls herself onto the sand. She uses her powers to turn her into a land person (no need for a moon ring).
  10. "Um, hi," says a land boy who approaches me. "I'm, um, I'm, my name is, um, is Alexzander, but um, all the cute girls like- I mean, that my friends call me Alex" he stammered. Tsunami giggled. "Ok, Alex, my name is Tsun- I mean Sue." It's close enough to my real name, Tsunami thought. "Well, It's nice to meet you Sue, and um, I look forward to seeing you in school," Alex said.
  11. "Yep, me too!" He turned and jogged away. My face filled with wonder. School? What's school?
  12. ***Sort of a cliffhanger?***

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