Will you become a mermaid

They is a chance for you to acutely find out if you will become a real mermaid, if you really want it come check out this quiz, good luck and have fun!

Do you believe in mermaids, well that's one thing but do you have what it takes to become one, find out now.... you won't regret it! No pressure, but I think its worth just 12 questions

Created by: Not telling

  1. Do you believe in mermaids?
  2. Why are you doing this quiz
  3. Do you want to be a mermaid
  4. Whats your hair color
  5. How long have you know about mermaids
  6. Do you live near the ocean/sea
  7. Do you swim a lot or like to or want to?
  8. Have you tried spells
  9. What do you feel like in water?
  10. Mermaids?

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Quiz topic: Will I become a mermaid