can you reach the moon?

think you have what it takes to reach the moon? how close can you get to it? will you have engine trouble? will you have to try more than once to get there? well, let's find out!

screams endlessly into the night as you scroll down to take the quiz that i have written down just for you in under 2 thousand million seconds and a half

Created by: idk

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  1. is space travel possible?
  2. do you believe cows can jump over the moon?
  3. can cows even jump?
  4. who is buzz?
  5. how many stars are in the sky
  6. what color is the moon when it is 'harvest moon' time?
  7. what does space sound like?
  8. if you jump on the moon, what happens
  9. when you get to the moon, what will you do
  10. on returning to your home planet, what's the first thing you do?
  11. which cheese doesn't exist
  12. how out of place was the last question
  13. you're writing a letter to the international space station, what do you write?

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Quiz topic: Can I reach the moon?