Factual Qualification Form

You've seen the site, and as a requirement, you have been asked to take this test to check if you have been reading and browsing carefully through the site.

We wish you good luck, and there are tons of cookies and pie slices and cupcakes for you when you finish. Yes, as a participation prize. If you do not know, the site is 3rozion, of freewebs.

Created by: SilverTurtle

  1. What are the forms of erosion?
  2. What does erosion affect?
  3. Where in Canada, that was mentioned in the site, was formed by wind erosion?
  4. How do rocks get eroded from wind erosion?
  5. Why do rivers get wavier as they grow older?
  6. What are the two categories of ice erosion?
  7. What is an example of a plant/organism that was mentioned in the site that produces an acid that wears away rocks?
  8. What is biological weathering?
  9. When does chemical weathering occur?
  10. How do you prevent erosion?
  11. Using the observations you made, why did the chalk fizz and bubble when it was mixed with vinegar?

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