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There are many things that make a 6th form a good one. One of which is how much influence the students have over how the 6th from is run. Other factors also need to be taken into account, but this is the most important in the eyes of many 6th from students.

What do you think about Guthlaxton's current 6th form and how could it be improved? Should the 6th form be looked at in a completely different way and re-built from there? Or is it fine as it is and some factors just need tweaking to perfection?

Created by: Adam
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  1. Do you wish that your opinions could be taken into account by someone who you can relate to and talk to ?
  2. Do you feel that your 6th from is perfect the way that it is currently?
  3. Do you want a responsible, approachable, fun and sensible person to represent your school?
  4. Do you want more fun parties for 6th form?
  5. Do you want the parties to be relatively cheap, accessible to every 6th form student and fun?
  6. Have you already made up your mind for who you are going to vote for for head boy?
  7. What do you look for in a head boy?
  8. Are you happy with 6th form life?
  9. What influences you the most?
  10. Are you a BTEC student?

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