Are You College Material

See if you are ready to go to college and if you have what it takes to successfully make it! There are alot of smart people, but there are not many people that are true geniuses.

Are you ready for college? Do you have what it takes to make it? Are you a genius? Thanks to this amazing quiz you can find our if you are ready to make it in the college world and it you are cut out for college.

Created by: Liz
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  1. Do you like to do homework?
  2. The deadline for college applications is in two weeks. Have you already visited the colleges you wish to attend and have the applications ready?
  3. Have you set up your college interviews yet?
  4. Have you taken the SAT's?
  5. Have you asked for recommendations from teachers yet?
  6. Would you go to a college just because they had hot girls/guys there?
  7. Would you rather go to a school with a good reputation or a party school?
  8. On a scale of 1 to 6 how retarded is this quiz? (1 being the worst, 6 being the best)
  9. Which one of these is an actual college?
  10. Which college specializes in law?

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