Are You An Electrical Engineer?

Can you qualify as an electrical engineer? It is a rather dangerous job that demands some knowledge. The pay is good, but one wrong move can burn you.

If you can get through this qualification you probably sit through enough training that the rest comes naturally. Find out if you can make the grade.

Created by: Mark

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  1. What does the term RMS mean?
  2. Who was the person primarily responsible for the United States using 60 Hertz for electrical distribution?
  3. Rectified 480 Volt three phase ac power will be at what dc potential?
  4. What is the best conductor of electricity?
  5. What property of electricity produces torque for a dc motor?
  6. What organization is responsible for maintaining The National Electrical Code?
  7. What does the acronym "PLC" stand for?
  8. Which number is used more often for calculations in three phase power circuits?
  9. Transformers work best for
  10. Who was George Westinghouse's business partner?

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Quiz topic: Am I An Electrical Engineer?