How well do you know The Matrix?

Are you The One- the all enlightened, immensely powerful savior of mankind and the man of the lovely Trinity- A Potential, someone who has the gift but may be waiting for the next life to really become more knowledgeable- or are you Cypher, the turncoat of the rebellion, selling yourself out to the Machines because you just don't understand. Will you get the girl, the bunny, or the electrical bolts to the chest? You decide.

Do you have what it takes to be The One? Do you know all there is to know about The Matrix programming? Or do you know just enough to bend spoons, levitate building blocks, and watch large rabbits annihilate mankind? OR, or- do you know so little about the true workings of The Matrix that you want out entirely, you's rather be plugged back into that fake world than stay in the real one, because you just don't get it. plus Trinity doesn't like you.

Created by: Snake Plissken
  1. You find yourself riding in the backseat with Trinity, what are you reminded of?
  2. "It was... an honor, sir."
  3. You just dodged Agent Jones's bullets, but you weren't what?
  4. If Trinity were hiding out in the Heart O' The City Hotel, what room would she be in?
  5. Why does Tank say that he 'has a patch on an old exit' when he sends Neo to the Heart O' The City Hotel to escape the pursuing Agents?
  6. What is the symbolism behind Neo coming back to life at the end of the first movie?
  7. What does rain resemble in the films?
  8. Trinity loves Neo so much she is ready to do what for him?
  9. Why was Neo different from the other One's that had come before him?
  10. What is simultaneously man's greatest strength and greatest weakness?
  11. Why does Neo let Smith take him over at the end of Revolutions?
  12. How do the Machines keep the people of Zion in check?
  13. What book does Neo keep his cash in?
  14. Why can Neo stop the Machines in the real world?
  15. What is Smith looking to take back from Neo in the park?
  16. What does the Merovingean mean when he says he wants the eyes of the Oracle?
  17. How does Trinity know Neo is out of The Matrix when she pulls his plug at the end of the first film?
  18. What are the name's of the 'upgraded' Agents?
  19. Why is the freeway suicide, according to Morpheus?
  20. "Dammnit Morpheus, not everyone believes what you believe!"
  21. According to Smith, what's the best thing about being him?
  22. When Persephone escorts Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus to see the Keymaker, is she wearing underwear?
  23. In his dream, Neo sees Trinity hit the car
  24. What is Sati?
  25. The last question, because I'm about to get off of work....Red or Blue?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Matrix?