Are you a stranger?

In this world we are all different, we were all created or born differently, but who or what is a Stranger to this world? People are strange but who is a stranger, are we all cogs in the same machine? was the matrix right all along or a load of old codswallop?

Are you run of the mill, or do you stand out in a crowd? Then again does no one ever notice you at all?? Are the rights of your existance restricted by todays norms and conformities, or do you toss them aside in order to be an individual, a stranger?

Created by: Richard
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how many consonants are in your name?
  2. Have you ever ran down the street naked?!
  3. Do you ever sit in a darkened room in silence, alone?
  4. Have you ever worked ina call centre?
  5. Do people recognise you in the centre of your home town/city/village etc?
  6. Do you drink?
  7. Do you take drugs?
  8. Do you consider marijuana to be a drug?
  9. Are the chickens biscuits ripe for mayday?
  10. A telephone...

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Quiz topic: Am I a stranger?