Funny Quotes: Part 8! xP

Hey guys, Br0wnies here! I'm back with another one of my quizzes! In this quiz, I put some really funny quotes as the questions that I think you'll enjoy!

So, these are some really funny quotes as the questions in Br0wnies' newest quiz: "Funny Quotes: Part 8! xP". I bet you'll laugh at atleast one of these quotes!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny

  1. "Dear parents..Jasmine was in a relationship with a dirty homeless boy named Aladdin. Snow White lived alone with 7 men. Pinocchio was a liar. Robin Hood was a thief. Tarzan walked around without any clothes on. A stranger kissed Sleeping Beauty and she married him. Cinderella lied and stuck out to attend a party. You can't blame us - we were taught to be rebels at a young age."
  2. "What did one saggy boob say to the other? 'We'd better perk up, or people'll think we're NUTS!'"
  3. Boys: So..where you girls been all our lives? Girls: Waiting here for you. We were born in this room, we grew up in this room, and we thought we would die here alone, but now that you guys have arrived, our lives can truly begin.
  4. "Things to do today: 1.) Get up 2.) Breathe 3.) Go back to bed."
  5. "I got a dig bick. I bet you read that wrong."
  6. "*On the phone with mom* 'Yep. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. Yes. I will. Yep. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. Yes I will. Yep. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. Yes. I will. Uhuh. Alright. OK. Yes. OK. Alright. I love you too. Bye.'"
  7. "Mephobia. The fear of becoming so awesome that all the people on earth die."
  8. "If you're going to be a smartass, first, you gotta be smart. Otherwise, you're just an ass."
  9. "Dear Gary..I have been feeling really dirty lately. Please do me. Love, Dishes."
  10. "The moment when you pretend to listen in class so that you don't get called on for a question."

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