Funny Quotes: Part 9! xP

Hey guys, Br0wnies here! I'm back with another one of my quizzes! In this quiz, I put some really funny quotes as the questions that I think you'll enjoy!

So, these are some really funny quotes as the questions in Br0wnies' newest quiz: "Funny Quotes: Part 9! xP". I bet you'll laugh at atleast one of these quotes!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
  1. Me: Dad, I'm hungry. Dad: Hi hungry, I'm dad. Me: Dad, I'm serious! Dad: No, you're hungry! Me: You're joking! Dad: No, I'm dad!
  2. "God made every person different..he got tired when he got to China."
  3. "Some people say that you can't live without love..I think oxygen is more important."
  4. "With great power comes great electricity bill."
  5. "I need a six month vacation, twice a year."
  6. "You study, you pass. You pass, you get happy. You get happy, you play. You play, you get tired. You get tired, you get sick. You get sick, you die. So don't study."
  7. "Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life."
  8. "I hate when people see me at the supermarket, and are just like, 'Hey, what are you doing here?' So I'm just like, 'Oh you know, hunting elephants.'
  9. "I meant to behave, but there are so many other options."
  10. "I think it's funny that when I'm loud, people tell me to be quiet, but when I'm quiet, people ask what's wrong with me."

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