Funny Quotes: Part 10! xP

Hey guys, Br0wnies here! I'm back with another one of my quizzes! In this quiz, I put some really funny quotes as the questions that I think you'll enjoy!

So, these are some really funny quotes as the questions in Br0wnies' newest quiz: "Funny Quotes: Part 10! xP". I bet you'll laugh at atleast one of these quotes

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
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  1. "As I've been growing up, I've realized that pleasing everybody isn't that easy. But making people mad is a piece of cake!"
  2. "Facebook should limit on how many times you change your relationship status. After ten, it should be defaulted to 'unstable'."
  3. "I want to make a facebook account and name it Nobody. That way when somebody makes a crappy status, I can like it and it'll say 'Nobody likes this'."
  4. "What if you started licking the dentists fingers while they were in your mouth.."
  5. "Dear 10 year olds on Facebook, when you say "It's Complicated", seriously? Did he steal your animal crackers?"
  6. "That awesome moment when your best friend likes your Facebook status because they know the story behind it."
  7. "So thankful for Facebook! Otherwise I would have to call 563 friends just to tell them that I just ate breakfast."
  8. "Close laptop, get into bed, unlock phone, check facebook. True story!"
  9. "I'm shy at first...but sometimes I do the randomest stuff when I'm around somebody."
  10. "Agreeing with someone so they'll stop talking. True story."

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