This is a test quiz.

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hi, i'm making this quiz because gtq guy wanted people to test out the new quiz maker. so that's what i'm here doing, basically. that's pretty much it.

i think its a lot more efficient than the old quiz maker. everything is a lot more informative and clear. i got confused sometimes because of the directions on the old quiz maker, but i think making a quiz with this format will be better.

Created by: Br0wnieBunny

  1. hello
  2. gtq guy wants people to test the new quiz maker
  3. so this is what i'm doing
  4. i'm not having any problems thus far
  5. it seems a lot more efficient than what i remember of the old quiz maker
  6. sorry this isn't an interesting quiz
  7. but this is only a test quiz so it shouldn't really matter, right?
  8. if i make any more quizzes in the future they'll be more interesting than this, ok?
  9. i like the format of this thing, gtq guy
  10. i think many other people will like it too
  11. how many questions do we need on this thing? 12? that's how it was before
  12. okay i think this is the last question, bye

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