Hey guys. It's Br0wnieBunny here again. Today I finally made a quiz; the reason to why I have been so inactive for one month. I'm trying to catch up.

So yeah, this paragraph has no meaning at all. Just read the first starting paragraph of this quiz and you'll be all set to read the real questions of the quiz..

Created by: Br0wnieBunny

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  1. Hey guys, it's Br0wnies.
  2. Well, I haven't made a quiz since, what, July?
  3. And I've promised that I'd make a quiz every few days to keep active, right?
  4. Well, I've broken that promise more than once and I think it's time that I tell you guys why.
  5. It's mostly IRL stuff. I've moved to a different town and it's been hard to set up the internet while keeping track of all this new school stuff and other things.
  6. There really isn't any other point to this quiz..all except to tell you guys that I will try to get my quiz schedule back on track.
  7. Well, alrighty then..bye guys.

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