Is she really your bestie?

This quiz is to see how and your bff really stands is she fake or is she real is she straightfoward or is she two-faced well this game helps you decide

This quiz will helpp me notice if i am helpful to people and do my information help people to notice if your bff is a good friend or not if she isn't leave her

Created by: shaniah

  1. Did your bestie ever promise to watch a movie at your place, but turned you down cause the cute boy asked her on a date?
  2. Can you ever tell your, bestie that you like a boy? Or will she get to tell him before you do?
  3. Did you ever tell your bestie what you really think of her and the results ended with yall not being friends?
  4. Did your bestie ever lie to you?
  5. Do ever cheer your bestie up when she is sad?
  6. if your bestie got stood up on prom night what will you do to cheer her up?
  7. Do you know your bestie's favorite food?
  8. Do you try to look better than your bestie, or do you have yall own trendy fashion?
  9. If your bestie has a new hairdue do you hate or compliment?
  10. If you and your bestie wasnt speaking and, you saw her getting jumped would you help her

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Quiz topic: Is she really my bestie?