How to be sure your bestie is really your bestie

This qiuz is about you besties and you when you take this quiz you will find out if oyu an dyour bestie are truely besties. This quiz also has some long questions and answer so sorry about that.:/

I hope all of oyur answers will what you hope they wil turn out. best of luck to you. and if you get nope or possicaly work out you issues with your friend right away.

Created by: Natalie

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  1. If you and your bestie were out and she forgot her money, would you lend her some?
  2. If your bestie was upset would you ask her whats wrong or forget about it cause you have better thing to do ?
  3. would you have your bestie be your maid of honor/grooms men?
  4. Have you ever been presured by your bestie
  5. Do you always feel upset when your around him/her?
  6. can yo trust your besie with all of your secrets?
  7. would you do anything for your bestie?
  8. would your bestie do anything for you?
  9. if oyur bestie was having a relationship issues would help im/ her out?
  10. do you love your bestie?

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Quiz topic: How to be sure my bestie is really my bestie